Mountains, beaches, art, culture: you have the choice

In Southeast Asia lies the kingdom of Siam, which is now Thailand. This country is a condensation of idleness for its famous tropical beaches, of typical architecture with its opulent royal palaces and of culture with its ancient ruins and its ornate temples with Buddha statues.

Bangkok, the capital, a hyperactive megalopolis and urban monster where one can get lost with pleasure by passing from an ultramodern urban landscape to quiet communities along the canals or by going to the emblematic temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Phra Kaeo.

Northern Thailand is deep, with a relaxed pace of life, a cultural side with its Buddhist temples and a natural side with mountains and forests.

And the South, the paradise “postcards”, rest, beaches, islands and a more spicy cuisine.

Three Thais, each with its own cultural and geographical particularities making them very different.

And yet the national qualities are present everywhere: a strong identity, a specific culture and art, a respect of social conventions and an exemplary politeness.

Finally the security is total and based on an education, from the youngest age, of the property by a simple sentence: “what is not yours, you do not touch it”.

Some savings figures

Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia, and with an upper-middle income status, it serves as an economic anchor for its developing neighbors

According to the latest IMF forecast, GDP growth is expected to reach 4.5 percent in 2022 subject to the recovery of the post-pandemic global economy (IMF, October 2021).
The National Strategic Plan (2017-2036) focuses on improving the business environment, enhancing the country’s competitiveness, and long-term economic performance through the development of rail, road, airport, and power infrastructure.

In 2019 Thailand welcomed nearly 40 million tourists. The pandemic has, of course, caused this number to drop in 2020 and 2021. The recovery in 2022 is excellent and nearly 10 million tourists will visit Thailand, the majority from Asia. Forecasts for 2023 predict more than 28 million tourists. According to the World Tourism Organization, in 2016 Thailand was among the top 10 destinations worldwide, and second in Asia Pacific, behind China.

Tourism plays a major role in the national economy, contributing, for example, in 2019, nearly 15% of GDP.

A dynamic real estate market supported by strong international demand. Contractual rental yields of up to 7%/year net.

Why invest in Thailand

  1. the country is attracting more and more tourists, expatriates and retirees, in particular thanks to the quality of life found there
  2. Thai real estate industry has incorporated high standards of construction and design
  3. property prices are very attractive
  4. the infrastructures are of high quality: internationally renowned hospitals, air hub, TGV line under construction
  5. rental yields are high: 5-10% per year
  6. Taxation is very attractive (no residence taxes, low property tax, inheritance tax at 0.5% for assets over 100,000 million THB)
  7. legal framework allowing access to full ownership for foreigners in the context of the purchase of a condominium
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