The city of excess

In front of the sea, the marina, behind the sand and the desert. A perfect contrast between the hectic business life in the city, and the exoticism and time to live in the desert and the oases.

Dubai is the best-known city in the United Arab Emirates, even though it is not the capital. The media coverage of tourist projects such as the Burj-al-Arab hotel, the most luxurious hotel in Dubai, the gigantic real estate projects such as the Palm Islands, an artificial peninsula and archipelago five kilometres in diameter in the shape of a palm tree that houses luxury hotels and villas, The World, an artificial archipelago that reproduces the map of the world, and the Dubai Marina with its particular and gigantic architecture, are at the origin of this reputation. And let’s not forget the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa!

The government’s intention in presenting these projects is to become the world’s leading destination for luxury tourism within a few years and to become one of the world’s centres for family tourism, business tourism, commercial tourism, etc.

Dubai, the city of luxury shopping

Dubai’s international reputation as a shopping destination is well established and is a favourite with tourists from neighbouring countries and other continents.

It is a true shopping capital combining the latest in shopping with the old-fashioned shopping through its popular souks.

To confirm this aspect of the shopping capital, Dubai organises the Dubai Shopping Festival every year during the Carnival period.  Originally, this festival was created in 1996 by the government as an event to promote trade in the emirate. It has now evolved into a cultural event offering various shows and events. In more than 40 shopping centres around the city, shops display exceptional sales on all their products.

Extravagance and excess are also present here. Both modern and luxurious, with a careful and sophisticated decoration, they offer central “courtyards” decorated with fountains that try to evoke village squares. Every tourist will find something to satisfy his or her desires without leaving the complex: restaurants, beauty and fitness salons, amusement parks, an ice rink, a cinema, ski slopes, prayer halls, car parks, etc. Everything is done to encourage impulse buying.

Buying real estate? A thoughtful and profitable investment


  • No income tax
  • No VAT, even on new projects
  • No capital gains tax
  • No inheritance tax – Possibility to register a will
  • No property tax
  • Registration fee of 4%, no other purchase costs


  • an ideal climate all year round: The weather is fine every day all year round;
  • Absolute security: Dubai is a city with a high level of security;
  • Many projects and activities: Dubai is a city full of energy;
  • The diversity of the population: Dubai is an international city which results in a constant cultural mix;
  • A perfect geographical location: Dubai is situated in the centre of the different continents and is very well served by air;
  • Tolerance in dress: There is no dress code, shorts and short skirts are allowed in the streets, even open shoulders are not forbidden.
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