Where can you find Belize on a map?

This small strip of land of 23,000 km² is wedged between Guatemala, the Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean Sea. This small state is probably the best kept secret in Central America, having long remained off the tourist trail.

A quote from the English novelist Aldous Huxley in the 1930s described it as follows: “If there were ends of the world, Belize would certainly be one of them. It is on no road, leads from no point to no point. It has no strategic interest. It is almost uninhabited.

Today, this paradise is popular with investors, luxury resort developers and lifestyle seekers.

Why invest in Belize?

Belize encourages foreign investment. It is seen as a way to relieve the tax burden and diversify the economy.

To this end, a number of investment incentives are offered by the government. Belize also has no restrictions on foreign ownership and control of companies.

An investment and export promotion agency (Beltraide) has been set up to assist potential investors through the Belize Trade and Investment Development Authority.

The country has a relatively skilled workforce, political stability, proximity to the US and the fact that it is English-speaking

Retirement in the sun?

As a retirement destination, Belize has a lot going for it. Immigration procedures for retirees are relatively simple. The weather is warm and the beaches are pristine. World-class natural and cultural attractions of all kinds, the landscape including ancient Mayan ruins, dense jungle retreats and offshore coral reefs. The official language of Belize is English, and the country is home to a large expatriate community, making the transition to retirement life in this exotic location easier.

Belize has a special residency programme for retirees, called the Qualified Retirement Programme (QRP). To qualify for this programme and obtain official residency status in Belize, you must be at least 45 years old and have an income of at least $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year from a pension, annuity or other acceptable source.

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