Invest in a country that has a lot going for it.

Greece, the cradle of civilisation, remains a favourite place for the Belgian population. With its ancient cities, its philosophy, its linguistic roots but also its landscapes and islands, you will find the piece of paradise you are looking for.

Who hasn’t dreamt of a small white house by the sea, on an island in the Cyclades?

And what if this dream, sometimes realised during a holiday, became a long-term reality?

The appeal of this country lies in its balance of culture, sunny summer weather and easy accessibility from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the authenticity of the islands, travellers are always surprised by the beauty of the landscape and its inhabitants.

The Cyclades, a multitude of breathtakingly beautiful islands.

This archipelago, located in the southern Aegean Sea, comprises about 250 islands, of which only 24 are inhabited.

The term Cyclades comes from the fact that they form a circle around the sacred island of Delos. The smaller Cyclades, south of Naxos, between the islands of Ilos and Amrogos, are part of the Cyclades and have 6 main islands.

Islands such as Antiparos are less well known but offer prestigious properties in quiet locations with breathtaking sea views.

Investing in Greece : You are making the right choice!

The Greek government enacts new laws every year making taxation particularly attractive and very favourable to investors.

In addition, tourism represents 8.4% of Greece’s GDP. In comparison, in France it is only 2.4% and in Belgium 2.3%. Greece’s tourism advantages alone guarantee a return on your investment.

This is confirmed by a price per square metre that, despite a 20% increase, has still not returned to its pre-crisis value. This means that property investment is still very attractive.

And this is just the beginning! Experts see the beginnings of a market explosion that should result in a doubling of prices within five to seven years.

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