Le maroc, entre beauté et scintillement

Marrakech, a city of dreams of dreams with the allure of of a thousand and one nights.

Morocco’s leading tourist city, but also and above all a city of the future, ready to welcome major urban development projects.

Marrakech is on the move culturally, with exciting museums opening and art galleries flourishing. Called the red city, it preserves its memory and values its past, but its creativity makes it profoundly modern.

The city’s cultural and heritage diversity attracts tourists, business people, commercial development and investors alike.

Moreover, its accessibility from all over Europe makes it one of the most attractive sunny holiday destinations.

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The charms of North Africa

The medina, the oases, the deserts, the architecture that bears witness to the history of Morocco are all reasons to succumb to the charms of North Africa.

 A rich and varied know-how and traditions in the culinary arts. If the Tanjia has had the privilege of being ahead of other local recipes, a good number of dishes synthesise the influences of the whole of southern Morocco.

If tourism is in constant progression but also the installation of retired people it is in particular due to the cordial reception which is reserved to them and which forms part of the culture.

The hammams are public baths where Marrakchis and Moroccans in general come to wash, but also to discuss. Found in every district of Marrakech, they are usually located near a mosque, offering a purification to the body before prayer.


Investissement immobilier et tourisme vont de pair

In Morocco, real estate is a key sector for investing money. It offers quite attractive rates of return for any annuitant. However, the choice of location for a profitable investment remains a very important detail. Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat and Agadir remain the sites to be favoured.

On the other hand, tourism is today the first source of export earnings well ahead of the automobile, chemical, food, computer and oil industries. It involves considerable capital investment, generates substantial income and creates important jobs. The tourist sector occupies an important place in the Moroccan economy. It is more and more considered by the high officials as a strategic sector to accompany the economic development.

Therefore, whether it is for the Moroccan demography or tourism, real estate investment in Morocco has a future and rental yield in perspective.

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