Miami, ville phare sur les côtes de la floride

Florida, the 3rd most populous state in the US

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida is a state in the south-eastern United States. A link between North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Florida welcomes Latino immigrants and lives to the rhythm of the congas. It has hundreds of miles of white sand and coconut trees and is known as the Sunshine State. Its particularly mild climate attracts retirees, stars and sportsmen.

In terms of tourism and culture, Florida remains a favourite destination for families, with 2 Disney parks and water parks with miles of slides! The legendary history of the space adventure at Cape Canaveral.

And on the wilder side, Everglades National Park and the adjoining reserves, with their extraordinary wildlife, are a breath of fresh air.

The important economic centre at the south-eastern tip of Florida is Miami. It is a world-class financial and cultural centre, and its tourist port is the world’s leading cruise ship port, with one third of the world’s fleet.

reconnus dans le monde entier

At the heart of the world's largest economy and its opportunities.

Florida is doing relatively well compared to the rest of the US and the world by maintaining above average growth.

Its unemployment rate remains between 3 and 4%. Florida was particularly hard hit by the pandemic and is still weighing on economic performance

Access to credit remains strict, rising interest rates and a high level of professional mobility among Americans favour rental demand.


The advantages of the US real estate market :

  1. High rental yields: high rental demand, low homeownership rates and a shortage of affordable housing offer investors a very good rent/price ratio.
  2. A liquid market: a property sale takes between 15 and 45 days, and properties, particularly rental investment products, sell in less than three months.
  3. Very low acquisition costs: the equivalent of the notary’s fees is generally less than 2% of the purchase price, which allows you to benefit from a capital gain quickly
  4. Extremely limited rental risk: eviction procedures generally take less than two months. The credit score system, and the fact that a defaulting tenant has great difficulty in finding a new home after defaulting, is very favourable to landlords.
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